One-On-One with our Chef Jason

photo: Rob Matreby Paige Niewerth

Members are raving about him and his food seems to be unbeatable, but Ansley’s Chef Jason Valerio isn’t your typical “Chef.”  You may be wondering what Chef Jason does when he isn’t occupied in the kitchen? First off, you can bet he is cheering on his favorite football team, the Baltimore Ravens. Valerio is also active in motor sports (he has a slight obsession with his car) and watching MMA.

Did I mention the personality on this guy? His love for the culinary business makes him a perfectionist in the kitchen and, guaranteed, he will not serve any dish unless it is flawless. He has trained the kitchen staff to only produce and serve the highest quality meals.
Originally from Baltimore, Md., Valerio attended Baltimore International College and has been in the culinary business for 15 years. Before moving to Atlanta, Valerio lived in Tampa for two years before taking a job as the Executive Sous Chef at Cherokee Town and Country Club for six and a half years.
Valerio’s all-time favorite dish to prepare is seafood and says his last meal on Earth would be steamed blue crabs and beer. Chef Jason enjoys flavors from the Eastern Maryland Shore and Mediterranean.
High hopes to bring a sense of creativity and vision to Ansley; putting new twists on old culinary favorites, I think it’s safe to say Chef Jason is on the right track here at Ansley as our Executive Chef.


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